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Roofing Scams

Roof repair is often urgent, especially when the damage is caused by a storm. Your roof protects everything inside your home and compromised roof puts all your belongings at risk. Because of this, it’s easy to feel pressured into picking the first available contractor to do the repairs you need. Urgency can leave you vulnerable to falling prey to roofing scammers. Let’s take a look at the top 7 roofing scams and how to avoid them.

Top 7 Roofing Scams

  1. Inadequate Roof Repair

    Inadequate roof repairs are hard to spot. It could take months or a severe storm for you to discover that the problem you had wasn’t properly fixed. A roof is a multi-layered structure and it’s easy for a scammer to make sure the outside looks good with some paint or new shingles without properly repairing the underlying structure or using sub-standard materials. This can lead to further damage and more expensive repairs.

  2. Unnecessary Repairs

    In this scam, the roofing company will create extra work for themselves by fixing things that aren’t broken. This scam is virtually impossible to avoid and you may never actually know that you were done-in.

  3. Overcharging

    There are no standard prices for roofing repairs, but multiple quotes will help you spot the extraordinarily high ones. A good contractor will not overcharge you.

  4. Storm Chasers

    Storm Chasers will show up on your doorstep after a severe weather warning has been issued. They are usually from out of town and are easy to spot by checking for out-of-state license plates and phone numbers. These are seldom legitimate contractors and will be unable to provide customer references.

  5. Disappearing Deductible / Double Invoice Deal

    If a contractor offers to waive your insurance deductible or to give you a ‘free’ roof stating that the insurance company will pay for it, this is a fraud and you should avoid dealing with them. One of the ways a scam-contractor will cheat the system is to submit two invoices – a lower one to you and a higher one to the insurance company.

  6. Creeping Quote

    Be wary of a low, vague roofing repair quote. In this scam, the contractor starts by quoting a low price to get the job, but will soon inflate the price due to ‘price increases on the materials’ or ‘unforeseen issues’. There are fluctuations in building material costs but you should ask for proof of the increase from the material supplier before your approve a raise in your initial quote.

  7. Mystery Damage

    A contractor who knocks on your door and points out damage to your roof (that you probably can’t see) should set off alarm bells. They are likely to ask if they can go up and check it for you to assess the damage. Roofing scammers may go so far as to cause damage to make money off of you. Do not let this person onto your property or allow them to inspect your roof.

Who Is At Risk Of Falling Prey To Roofing Scammers?

We are all potential targets for a roofing scammer, but there are some factors that are more high-risk than others.

  • Densely populated areas.
  • Places that experience extreme weather regularly.
  • Elderly people who live alone.
  • Older houses.

Tips For Avoiding Roofing Scams

  • Your best defense against a scam is to check out the company’s website, look for online reviews and see what others have to say. A quick internet search can give you good insight.

  • Choose a company with an excellent reputation for honesty. They should be willing to provide you with references.

  • Ask for the license and insurance details. You can verify their license on the DBPR website. An honest, reputable company will have no problem providing their paperwork for you to see.

  • Avoid rushing. If you see something going wrong with your roof, repair it before it’s at the point of being an emergency. This will give you time to get multiple quotes and allow you to choose who will be fixing your roof.

  • When it comes to insurance matters, it is best for you to speak to the insurance company directly. This will prevent you from being drawn into anything fraudulent.

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