How Often Do I Need To Do Roof Maintenance?

Roofing Tips

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Every home or building owner should be knowledgeable in roof maintenance. Suppose a roof goes unmaintained and develops issues that go unfixed for some time. In that case, there could be significant structural damage to your home that could possibly affect your building’s safety. Maintaining your roof is one of the most important responsibilities a building owner can have.

General Roof Maintenance

For both commercial and residential roofs, regular roof inspection is required at least twice a year, preferably once before hurricane season and once after. This is to prevent any current damage from worsening during bad weather, and to repair any damage that occurred during a storm.

It would be best if you also visually inspect your roof as best you can. Look at it from the ground with binoculars and take a look in your attic. If you spot any potential roof problems, you may need another roof inspection.

After any storms or hurricanes, check your roof for debris and damage. Tree limbs may have fallen, water may have penetrated your roofing system, or shingles may have been blown loose by the high winds.

Natural events other than hurricanes and storms can also have a negative impact on your roof. Birds can build nests and bring seeds that let weeds and plants grow. Their root system will damage your roof, causing leaks. It would help if you also cleaned your gutters of any moss, leaves, and other blockages to prevent water from pooling and growing mold in or near your roof.

Most traditional roofs will last about 15-30 years. That’s a big gap that has many variables affecting how long it will last. Inspections are important to assess the longevity of the roof. They can give you more maintenance tips that will help the roof last longer.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Some commercial roofs have heavy machinery and large venting. People may walk across the roof regularly, creating wear and tear. Commercial buildings typically have flat roofs, which have their own list of problems. Pooling water, weak spots, lifting seams, and holes are all signs of trouble.

To help maintain your commercial roof and cause as little damage as possible, people walking on the roof should refrain from smoking, and walk only on the defined walking paths. Items that do not belong on the roof shouldn’t be left out. Also, if you find a clogged drain, it should be repaired as soon as possible.

Residential Roof Maintenance

After you have an inspection done, fix what the inspector tells you to. You may have popped nails, missing shingles, or improper flashing. Any intrusion on your roof, such as a skylight, chimney, or vent, should have adequate caulking and flashing to prevent leaks.

Any time there is debris on your roof, large or small, you should have it removed. Large items, like tree limbs, might cause damage on impact, so be vigilant of any possible leaks.

The easiest thing you can do to maintain your roof and help increase its lifespan is to clean your gutters. Have them cleaned at least twice a year. Clogged or dirty gutters are a breeding ground for mold, algae, and moss. All of these things, especially mold, can damage your roof and your home.

Roofing Maintenance In South Florida

The most significant difference between commercial and residential roof maintenance is that commercial roofs protect a business, but residential roofs protect families. Inspect and repair your roof before it has to be replaced.

Call AABCO Roofing at 954-426-8500 to begin with a roof inspection. Whether you need to repair, restore, or replace your roof, AABCO Roofing has you covered.

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