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The Fascia board is something that can “make or break” your roof – quite literally! One of the first things you should consider when doing your roof is the fascia board. Fascia repair is not something to overlook, but before we go further, what is exactly is a fascia?

The roof fascia is the vertical frieze (the long, straight running board) under the lower edge of the roof and is fixed to the lower end of the roof trusses. The main function of the fascia is to act as a protective layer between the edge of the roof and the outside walls of the house, as it prevents water damage caused by a leaking roof to the boards beneath it. In addition to this, the fascia also protects the entire roof and interior of the house, as it blocks rain water from entering the home. A good fascia board can prevent the need for roof repair, saving money in the long run. What’s more, the fascia also serves as a support for both the bottom roof tiles and the guttering.

Aside from function, the fascia is no stranger to style. It creates a smoother, more even appearance to the edge of the roof, leaving a nice “finishing touch” to your home’s overall look. Nowadays, the fascia board is made from a variety of materials, namely wood, composite (mixed), vinyl, PVC and metals like aluminum.

Repairing Your Fascia

With each type of material comes a different set of pros and cons, so it is important to consider the kind of fascia board that you want before replacement/repair.

  • Wood Can be prone to decay if the roof is poorly constructed, and metal can be difficult to check as it can hide decay underneath.
  • Metal and Vinyl can expand and contract in different temperatures and so can weaken easily if not properly installed. Thin materials can bend, and in the case of metal, can also dent easily -so it’s important to consider the thickness of your material as well.

Different houses have different needs, yet there is one common ‘problem’ that all houses endure: exposure to weather elements. Your roof inevitably gets a lot of outdoor exposure, which means that it must endure weather conditions such as wind, hail and the suns UV rays. This causes damage to your roof over time, and so getting a good facia board can prevent multiple maintenance problems in future. However, fascia boards can also get brittle over time, and if yours is severely damaged, why not replace it with a brand-new fascia board, and give your house a facelift!

Get professional. There is no use trying to ‘DIY’ if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, as a badly-made fascia will only cause problems. You need to know how to maintain it as well, because dirty fascia boards can get moldy, which will only increase the chance of damage due to moisture in your roof beams and rafters. A company such as Aabco Roofing Corp. can install your fascia for you, as well as provide a wide range of materials to choose from. Do your research and take time to consider the options. You can get advice from your roofing contractor if you’re unsure of what to get, as different houses have different styles, as well as different materials.

It’s easy to see why a new fascia is a win-win situation. Your home will look great, and you can save repair costs both inside and outside your home! Contact Aabco Roofing Corp. to find out more on how we can facelift your fascia!

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