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Roof Vents

Everyone needs a roof over their heads and every roof needs a vent to expel hot air through the attic to reduce indoor temperature extremes. This is especially handy in hot climates like South Florida.

So, it goes without saying that your roof vents play an important role in ensuring proper ventilation in your homes. Here’s what the experts at Aabco Roofing want you to know about your roof vents.

Types Of Roof Vents

There are a variety of vent systems available in the market, such as wind turbines, ridge vents, off-ridge vents, box vents and solar-powered vents. Some may be more efficient than others, depending on the type of roof you have. Check with your roofing contractor to see which ventilation systems they offer, and which one is best suited for your home or property.

  • Wind Turbines

    You can normally find wind turbines in older homes. They are powered by the wind instead of electricity. Power vents, on the other hand, are powered by electricity and can be mounted on your roof or gable. These units tend to operate more quietly and are very efficient. However, because it requires electricity, it can reflect on your monthly utility bill.

  • Ridge Vents

    Although ridge vents are the newest in the market, they have become popular among new homeowners because of how it blends into the roof. Ridge vents provide a more even distribution of air as compared to other types of vents. They are installed at the peak of your roof slopes. Off-ridge vents are mounted to a cutout on your roof near the ridge. This type of vent, however, is not suitable for larger roofs because you will need to install multiple systems for it to work effectively.

  • Box Vents

    Box vents are another popular choice among homeowners. As the name suggests, this vent is shaped like a small box that sits in a hole cut in your roof. It does not require electricity to operate and works best with open attic plans. It requires steady wind flow and a soffit to run.

  • Solar-Powered Vents

    Solar-powered roof vents are powered by the sun’s rays and come in a variety of styles. You can choose to have one that mounts to your roof or one that attaches to your gables. If you get a good amount of sun in your area, then this vent is the ideal choice for you. At night, the vent uses saved up energy from its backup battery to run. The downside to solar-powered vents are that they can be pricey.

Benefits Of Proper Roof Ventilation

Roof vents play an important role in ensuring you have a healthy home for the long run. First, it helps reduce excess moisture in your homes, which leads to mold. It also helps you conserve energy and maintain a lower utility bill.

When too much heat is built up in your home, it causes your air conditioning to work harder to cool down things down. The excess heat can also damage your roof shingles, cutting their lifespan.

Detecting Damaged Vents

Extreme weather such as high winds and storms can leave your vents with cracks and broken seams. After a storm, you should inspect your vents for blockages from debris, disconnected pipes or ducts, missing caps and covers, small holes and corroded spots. If you notice any of these damages, you should call a qualified roofing contractor as soon as possible and start looking for a replacement.

If you neglect your damaged vent for too long, it can negatively impact your building structure and the health of those living in your home. When your vent is missing a cap, it allows water to enter through your piping and ductwork to your walls, ceilings and attic causing them to rot and develop mold.

Damaged vents become a major issue when they fail to remove dangerous gases from your home such as sewer gas that emits a rotten-egg odor. This gas emits methane and carbon monoxide into your home. When carbon monoxide is inhaled in large amounts, it causes headaches, drowsiness, dizziness and nausea.

Calling Aabco Roofing For Your Roofing Needs

Trying to fix, replace or install a roof vent on your own can be a dangerous task. When done incorrectly, you can end up damaging your vent, roof and home.

The professional roofing consultants at Aabco Roofing have got you covered. Just call us at 954-426-8500 for a free estimate and to learn more about our roofing services.

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