Discount Roofing: It Doesn’t Always Pay To Save

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Discount Roofing

Building a home is an expensive and often stressful task. However, knowing when to save your money and when to pay more for products and services can help to lighten the load. Be weary of claims perpetuating “discount roofing.”

If a roofing contractor offers you a price much lower than others you have received it’s a red flag that should not be ignored! Extremely low costs generally mean that they have cut back on areas detrimental to the durability and quality of your roofing installation or repair. There are a few areas where costs may be cut so pay attention to detail and know what to look out for.

Substandard Materials

Roofing material costs, like most things, are on the rise and show no sign of going down. Material costs are similar across the board and while company quotes may vary slightly, there should not be a drastic difference. Extremely low material costs may mean that the contractors are using substandard, or inferior, materials to build, repair or replace your roof.

The consequences of using inferior materials are that they may not last as long, be as effective, or have the aesthetic value you are looking for. Over time these materials will weaken the structural integrity of the roof, placing your family and belongings at risk.

Cheap Labor

Cheap labor costs should be a cause for concern. This is because the quality of the materials is only as good as its installation and the calculation of labor costs is generally calculated according to the effort put in by the contractors. Extremely low costs may mean that the company may:

  • Not deliver what they promised they would
  • Use sub-contractors
  • Use improper processes of installation- labor costs can be cut through skipping steps and cutting corners during installation
  • Overlook details through trying to get the job done quickly- resulting in further problems down the line
  • Be an indication that the job was not completed in a way that covers the manufacturer warranty or that follows the certified guidelines

Proof Of Insurance

It is essential that you ask any potential roofing contractors for their proof of insurance before hiring them. This will provide evidence that the company’s insurance will pay out if something is to happen to the materials or one of their employees.

No matter how low and convenient their costs, if a roofing contractor is unable to provide this proof, walk away immediately! Without insurance, you as the homeowner are held liable for any damages or incidents to materials or employees. This leaves you vulnerable to lawsuits and increased costs should there be an incident.

Insurance is there to simultaneously protect the company, and you as the consumer; don’t let it go unnoticed!

Pay More Now, Save Later

When referring to your roof, the saying “you get what you pay for,” should be applied. A cheap roofing contractor can almost always mean roofing problems further down the line. These companies generally get away with it because of the time it takes for homeowners to notice these problems.

It is never a bad idea to pay more and receive quality workmanship, materials and overall experience from your roofing contractors. Getting guaranteed protection for your family and their belongings is possible with help from the right roofing contractors.

Investing in a durable and high-quality roof, installed by reliable contractors, will allow you to focus on the many other aspects involved in running a home. Give Aabco Roofing a call today at 1-954-426-8500, we’d love to answer all of your roofing questions!

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