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Is there a better way to enjoy a South Florida evening than from your beautifully designed rooftop deck? Whether it’s entertaining friends with a cocktail party or enjoying a s’mores and movie night with your kids, a rooftop deck can bring all kinds of magic to your outdoor experience. Designing your perfect rooftop deck is an exciting experience, and the options are endless. If you’re looking for inspiration to transform your rooftop deck, then we’ve got you covered.

Here is a list of our favorite and most creative rooftop deck ideas:

Choose Capped Polymer Decking

When it comes to choosing outdoor materials, you always want to consider the harsh outdoor elements. Unfortunately, wood does not last as long in an outdoor setting and a rooftop deck is about as outdoor as you can get. Capped polymer decking is easy to clean, and it doesn’t have the same drawbacks that traditional wood has when it is exposed to outdoor elements for too long. These drawbacks usually include warping, splinters, buckling and weathering, which can end up being dangerous. Capped polymer decking not only lasts longer but it stays up to 30 degrees cooler than regular wood. This means you can still enjoy your deck on those hot summer days and avoid burning your feet!

Lighting Is Everything

Nothing sets the mood quite like the right lighting does. When designing your rooftop deck it’s important to consider installing lighting that considers all your lighting needs. You’ll want lighting that can take you from sunset drinks to after dinner board games with a flip of a switch. It’s also a good idea to consider solar lights to save on energy and avoid long extension cables. And lastly, you’ll want to find lighting that is weather resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

Don’t Forget About Your Greens

When you’re looking for creative ways to elevate your rooftop deck, plants are the way to go. Rooftop plants can instantly brighten up your space and remind your guests that you’re actually outside! They are also a great way to create privacy or provide a bit of extra shade, in a natural and inexpensive way. Just be sure to pick plants that love the sunlight and can withstand some rainfall.

The More Seating Options, The Better

If lighting is everything when it comes to a rooftop deck, then seating is not far off. When it comes to designing the perfect rooftop deck, the more seating the better. Think about adding a small bar table and some bar stools for those cocktail evenings with friends. Include a built-in corner couch to sit around a fire telling stories or playing games. Consider adding some lounge chairs to catch some extra afternoon rays. There are so many options and if you’ve got the space then consider including them all.

Don’t Throw Shade, Provide It

Although Vitamin D is good for us, too much sun can be bad too. Consider the different ways you can incorporate shade into your rooftop deck design. You can include an outdoor umbrella for full shade. Or a Pergola is a great way to provide partial shade and elevate your space. You can also incorporate some vines that will grow up the Pergola, creating extra shade while looking beautiful.

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