Condensation In Your Attic Could Be A Sign Of A Leaking Roof!

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If you spot condensation in your attic, you may assume that it’s just typical Florida weather, heat and humidity will cause that. That’s risky though, because it could be a sign you have a leaking roof.

Would You Notice Condensation In Your Attic?

It’s not just that people may dismiss condensation in their attic, it’s also a risk that you don’t see it. We encourage people to regularly check their homes, for signs of damage or wear and tear on your roof. Just as you should notice water marks down your living room wall, you should notice signs of condensation in your attic.

How To Respond To Condensation In Your Attic

If your attic is a well-used area, then you will likely know the condensation is not typical or the result of weather. You should also know that water being anywhere it shouldn’t be is not a good sign. If the issue pertains to the roof or attic, you need to get a roofing contractor in.

Is Your Attic A Hotspot For Condensation?

Attics, despite having great potential, often get neglected and even cluttered. This could make it a difficult place to spot condensation right away, but it’s important that if and when you do, you take action. If this is a sign of a roof leak, then you’ll need some technical maintenance on your roof. Leaks can be tricky to fix because each edge has to be flush with the rest of the surface. It has to be as consistent as possible with the type of roof around it. Any layers need to be matched correctly and the same goes with any roof.

There are few ways to get around this problem without laying out costs to recover your whole roof.

What Are The Signs?

Look out for these signs of condensation:

  1. Bubbled paint
  2. Warped wood
  3. Water streaks
  4. Mildew or mold
  5. Faulty electrics
  6. Pooling or signs of pooling (e.g. discoloration)
  7. Dark spots

This is not just about securing the roof against further water entry. It’s also about building and hurricane regulations. Roof leaks are not minor in nature. Excuse the pun.

What Are The Risks?

Without immediate attention, you run many risks:

  1. Further damage to your roof
  2. Damage to other parts of your home
  3. Inviting in pests and even rodents
  4. Needing to reroof entirely
  5. Voiding your insurance
  6. Breaching state safety measures
  7. Loss of structural integrity

How To Avoid This Problem In The Future

Most leaks can be managed through regular roof maintenance schedules. Even if something random caused the damage and it’s not unnoticed wear and tear, having a contract in place for roof maintenance is helpful in South Florida. Being aware of just how our climate affects our roofs should make us aware of the warning signs around our homes.

What We Suggest…

Noticing condensation in your attic should lead you to get one of our roofing pros out to have a look. Any work on your roof should be left to a professional roofing contractor and that way, you won’t be guessing at the problem either. Aabco Roofing can get right on with assessing your roof leak repair needs and providing skilled and considerate advice on your best options.

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