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Concrete Tile Roof

Concrete and clay tile roofs are often seen as an aesthetically pleasing and practical alternative to shingles, wood, and other roofing materials. Concrete roof tiles also have the benefit of being naturally fire-resistant and relatively long-lasting, with a single tile being able to last anywhere between 15 and 30 years. Unfortunately, like all other roofing options, concrete tiles do come with their own set of problems and unique repair strategies.

Concrete Tiles Weaknesses

One of the biggest problems we see with concrete roof tiles is the shady roofers who fit them. Since concrete tiles are heavier than their counterparts, they require stronger structures to support them. When owners decide to change the roof from shingles to roof tiles, many roofers neglect to reinforce the roof structure which causes entire sections of the roof to collapse.

The main reason concrete tiles fail is due to the weather. While concrete tiles have a high resistance to wind, they are not completely resistant to high winds, and with the hurricanes, we experience in Florida, the tiles can easily be blown away. Concrete tiles also have a porous texture. This means there are a lot of small holes on the surface of the concrete, which water can get trapped in after it rains. The heating and cooling of stone tiles due to sunshine and rain can also lead to tile cracking. Furthermore, these pockets of water allow moss and mildew to thrive and grow, which can discolor and stain your roof.

Strategies To Concrete Tile Roof Repair

Knowing when your concrete tile roof needs repair is the most important part. Once you have identified what needs to be repaired, you can find a service to suit your needs. Should your roof be stained or growing moss, it can be killed by scrubbing the roof clean with chemical solutions like chlorine bleach. A trend that has seen a lot of growth is pressure washing your roof to remove stains. Pressure washers use a combination of high-pressure water, heat, and an optional soap to clean your roof, however, it is recommended that you have a professional roof cleaning service to do this for you as high-pressure water jets are dangerous and can cause bodily harm if not used properly. They can also cause permanent erosion and damage to your roof tiles if used on too high a pressure for too long.

The more difficult repairs come when roof tiles are cracked or have fallen out which leads to large leaks. When a roof tile has cracked enough that it has caused a leak, there is only one real solution – replace the damaged tile. While this may sound simple, it can become a larger job depending on where in the roof tile is. Since roof tiles are designed to interlock with one another and are held in place with mortar, it is often required that several roof tiles around the damaged tile be removed carefully, while breaking and removing the mortar holding the tiles without breaking any other tiles. Once the tile is replaced, mortar is replaced as needed to match the style of the rest of the house. A similar approach is taken when roof tiles become loose or fall out completely.

In cases where the underlayment has degraded, all of the tiles need to be removed, so that new underlayment can be installed. While the underlayment is being installed, this is an ideal time to have your tiles inspected for cracks and chips, as they can be replaced with relative ease.

All roofing work is dangerous and should never be attempted as DIY a task. Should your roof require any repairs or maintenance, or should you be interested in re-roofing your home, you can always trust AABCO Roofing because we are a family-owned and operated company with four generations of experience. We understand the importance of keeping the roof over your family’s head safe and sound. No matter what roofing situation your under, we will work hard to get on top of it and provide you with the end results you are looking for.

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