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While properly installed commercial roofs have a long-life expectancy, they will at some point require some kind of repair. Unfortunately, the areas of your commercial roof that needs repairs can easily be missed and grow into bigger and more expensive damage. There are a number of factors affecting a roof’s service plan such as the design quality, installation, product maintenance, and roof use, abuse and weather but most of which can be avoided through planning. Knowing what the most common commercial roof repairs look like can save you money and headaches.


One of the most common roofing issues experienced by commercial building owners are leaks. A leaking roof allows unwanted moisture into your building, potentially compromising the structural integrity of your entire roofing system. Water stains on the walls and ceiling, musty odors, and puddles of water inside your building are signs of a leaking roof in need of attention.


Flashing covers the joints and seams of your roof, redirecting water away from its vulnerable spots. The naturally occurring contractions and expansions of your commercial roof may cause the flashing to rip or crack. Poorly installed or cracked flashing is the leading cause of leaks in commercial roofing.

Poor Installation

The way a commercial roof is installed will affect its performance over time. Substandard workmanship reduces the roof’s life expectancy significantly and could lead to disaster. If you are concerned about the way your commercial roof was installed, call Aabco Roofing for a second opinion.

Lack of Maintenance

Big commercial roofing issues almost always start as smaller ones that go unnoticed. Routine maintenance prevents these small issues from growing which extends the roof life span and saves you money.

Improper Repairs

Commercial roofing repairs require contractors to use specific tools and materials and could cause permanent roof damage if they aren’t. This is why doing research and asking questions before hiring a roofing company is vital.


A roof that is not properly secured to the substrate is in danger of billowing or blowing off altogether. This usually happens when the seams are not installed properly and are left exposed to the elements.

Ponding Water

Water should never form puddles on any commercial roof and poses a threat to is integrity the longer it stands. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) defines ponding water as having been standing for more than 48 hours. In extreme cases, additional weight can cause the roof to collapse.


When adding new materials or equipment to a commercial roof, excessive foot traffic from workmen can cause damage. This damage could cause leaks and even invalidate the roof’s warranty.


If the roof membrane layer, underneath the shingles, begins to shrink it causes the upper layers to crack. Shrinkage is easily identifiable when flashing begins pulling away from the wall or when the uncured membrane begins cracking.


Heat may cause roofing materials to stretch and the roof’s adhesion to lose its strength. The loss of adhesion allows certain areas of the roof to become raised and filled with water or air. Blistering looks exactly how it sounds, like little bubbles all over the roof.

How Can Aabco Roofing Help You?

Often, potential commercial roofing issues don’t cross your mind until something goes wrong. Knowing what to look for and addressing these issues as soon as possible can help avoid costly repairs, as well as the hassle of a complete roof replacement. A preventative maintenance plan from Aabco Roofing can give you peace of mind that your commercial roof is in optimum condition. Call us today on 954-426-8500 for advice on any of your commercial roof repairs.

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