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Commercial Flat Roof

Commercial property owners in South Florida have to consider an appropriate roof for their building that is durable, functional, and sustainable during the region’s rainy season and hot summers. In this article, we’ll discuss coating materials and best practices for coating your commercial flat roof.

The Flat-Top Roof

The flat roof is an architectural style that originated in Egypt and Persia. In contemporary design, the flat roof creates the illusion of long horizontal lines, such as we see at the horizon. The level linear flat roof is considered more contemporary or minimalist in modern design. The flat-top roof provides more outdoor space that can be used as a rooftop garden or gathering area for staff and events.

Popular flat-top roof materials are made from PVC, asphalt, EPDM, or modified bitumen. These can then be coated with different materials to extend the lifespan of the roof, in addition to sealing and protecting from water intrusion.

Coating compounds available on the market range from acrylic, traditional coal tar pitch, polyurethane (ideal for EPDM roofs), silicone, and butyl. Butyl is a type of elastomeric coating that is best suited for flat roof coating and low-slope roof repair.


The elastomeric coating is considered one of the most effective and affordable options for fixing roof leaks.

The benefit if this coating compound is that it can be used all year long because it expands and contracts in hot temperatures. Elastomeric coating is a polymeric-based acrylic with white pigment added for opacity and light reflection, which saves on energy costs. In addition to being cost-effective, an elastomeric coating is also mold and mildew resistant.

Silicone Coating

Silicone coating such as Gaco has become one of the most popular coatings since it is not water-based like some of the competitors. The 100% Silicone Roof Coating creates a seamless membrane to seal and repair existing roofs and permanently protect against leaks, permanent ponding water and the damaging effects of severe weather.


Butyl is an industry-standard elastomeric coating. Used for repairs, and dampness mitigation. The added benefit to Butyl is that it doesn’t require harsh chemicals or abrasives for maintenance after a coating installation. It is also more durable and weather resistant than silicone.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is a good insulating material but is not recommended for the seasonal high temperatures of South Florida. Although polyurethane coating is relatively easy to maintain, over time it will break down due to direct sun and heat exposure (the cost of replacement can vary depending on the number of lifts or layers which were originally installed).

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