How To Choose The Best Roofing Company

Roofing Tips

Whether you’re simply a homeowner with a house or a business tycoon looking to start your new building project or repair, replace and renovate an existing establishment, chances are that you are going to need a company or contractor who specializes in roofing services to do the roof installation for you. However, the question that is so often asked by all people – which company will offer me the best roofing installation and services for the best price? – does not come with a straight forward answer. As difficult as the question is, we at AABCO Roofing can give you a few good tips on things to look out for when deciding on who your next roofing contractor should be. These tips will help make sure that you get the best quality for your money.

  1. Get Referrals From Local Sources
    When looking for a roofing contractor, it is best to ask around for referrals from other home or business owners in the area. Local contractors have the benefit of being close in proximity, meaning they are easy to meet or easily available should they be needed in the future. Referrals help you see which companies and contractors are trusted in the local community. Choosing local also means the roofing contractor will be more aware of or be compliant with the roofing regulations of specific regions or community guidelines, as these often vary from area to area.
  1. Get Quotations
    It’s often difficult to know how much a roofing job is going to cost. Therefore, it is important to get as many quotations from as many different roofing contractors and companies as possible, even if you were not planning on using their services. This allows you to have a rough estimate of what the majority of contractors would expect this job to cost. You can then see which companies are charging you way above the budget, and choose which company is offering the best value for the price in their quotation.
  1. Check Licensing and Insurance
    Roofing and roof installation can be a dangerous job, with workers often scaling high buildings with unstable scaffolding. It is important that you make sure the company or contractor that you use for your roofing job has the proper liability and insurance for all employees and subcontractors. Make sure you ask to see the insurance papers to verify their legitimacy. If there is no insurance and an employee sustains an injury on the building site, there is the possibility for litigation against you as the home or company owner. In the state of Florida, contractors offering roofing services should be licensed, and it is against state regulations to offer work without one. However, this does not stop unlicensed roof installers and contractors from offering their services, usually at a lower price, which may seem like a favorable option to save on the building budget. But remember that if something does go wrong, your insurance will not pay out.
  1. Contracts
    When you have narrowed down your search and have decided on the contractor or company that you would like for the job, ensure that they agree to entering a written contract of agreement with you. Roof installations can be a lengthy process, and having a written contract ensures that there is a mutual understanding between you and the contractor. Be careful of contractors who do not give you contracts or rushes you to sign a contract before you have properly read it.
  1. Don’t Pay Upfront
    You should be weary of any contractor that requires you to pay the full quoted price up front. There is no way to ensure that you get your money back in the event that they try to scam you. Most contractors will ask for a deposit of good faith, and usually request payments be done in installments as the project is completed. These are both common practices and you should be requesting this.

If, even after all of this, you are still unsure of who to hire as you best roofing choice or even where to start in your search, contact us at AABCO Roofing to get a quote today!

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