Can I Perform A Flat Roof Repair Myself?

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Are you contemplating performing a DIY flat roof repair? Then you’ve come to the right place! With the internet, we have access to step-by-step tutorials and quick videos on how to do or fix things. In many instances, this works, and it ends up saving us a lot of money. Sometimes though, it does not. Which is why we always recommend hiring a professional roofing company to perform any and all roof repairs.

Flat roof repairs are complicated and involve several different elements.

Should You DIY Your Flat Roof Repair?

No. Truthfully, you shouldn’t. Roof repairs are dangerous and could land you worse off if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The first thing that needs to be done when performing a flat roof repair is to evaluate the extent of the damage. This is the beginning of the process, but it’s also where things get complicated. Your roofer will be able to properly access the situation for any of the following.

If your EPDM rubber roof has a leak, there are patching kits available for homeowners. The problem is that they only offer a temporary fix for minor leaks.

If your flat roof needs more simple repairs like re-sealing certain areas, you may be able to do it yourself. That’s if you’re able to minimize foot traffic as these roofs aren’t designed to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Generally, when it comes to roofing repairs, it’s always better to call a professional- for a number of reasons!

Expert Knowledge

As mentioned, the first step to roofing repairs is assessing the extent of the damage. However, without in-depth knowledge of roofing systems and how they work, you may experience issues performing this step properly.

This means that you may apply the wrong roofing solution and could potentially make the problem much worse. Roofing repairs that are done incorrectly can be even more expensive to fix than the initial issue.

Roofing professionals will be able to assess the issue and fix it properly.

The Correct Tools

Roofing repairs can be dangerous and are made more complicated by the tools needed to fix the problem.

Often, the materials needed for repairs are only sold to licensed roofers. Having undergone the correct training, manufacturers will know that their products are being used correctly and safely.

Hiring a professional will ensure that your flat roof repairs will be done properly, using the correct tools.

High-Quality Materials

There are hundreds and thousands of roofing material options available to choose from. As a homeowner, this can be extremely overwhelming when trying to choose quality products at reasonable prices.

This wouldn’t be the case when choosing to hire a professional. They would be able to lessen the stress of roofing repairs by sourcing the best materials for your home at an affordable price.

Do It Once

You may think that performing DIY flat roof repairs will save you money. Unfortunately, it could end up costing you more in both time and money!

Not being familiar with flat roof repair means that there is a greater chance of mistakes being made. This not only means that the repair has been made more difficult than it needs to be, but that it needs to be done again.

Having performed various roofing repairs many times, a professional will be able to fix the issue on the first try.

Prioritize Safety

Roofing repairs can be dangerous and even professionals slip and fall. The difference between hiring a professional is that they prioritize safety.

A professional would have invested in safety training courses. Not only that, but they will have insurance covering the company and any passersby.

Covered by a Warranty

When performing DIY, there is no warranty involved. This means that if the work was done poorly or the materials fail, money for the repairs will come out of your pocket.

If you hire a professional, you will be able to call the company back to fix the issue without any additional costs.

Thorough Roof Inspection

When inspecting for damage, as a homeowner you may not know what to look for or you may even miss potential roofing issues.

Before beginning repairs, professionals will perform a thorough roof inspection of your entire system. This allows them to properly diagnose the extent of the damage and identify any risk areas.

Call AABCO Roofing for Your Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofing repairs that are done incorrectly can become extremely costly, even more than it would have been to hire a professional in the first place. Don’t let this happen to you! Call AABCO Roofing today at 954-426-8500.

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