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Your roof will tell you when it’s time to call a roofer. That may sound crazy, but we’re not talking about a voice that will keep you up at night. Coincidentally, there are some signs that show up and warn you of trouble brewing as clearly as an alarm bell. Taking note of these signs will help you catch problems early.

Trust us when we say that fixing roof problems before they get out of hand saves on expensive repairs. If you’d like to understand roof-speak and pick up on those early warnings, here are things to look out for.

Stains On the Ceiling

Dark brown, or blackish patches blooming on your ceiling, or water stains running down internal walls are signs of a leaky roof. These leaks are sneaky and hard to track down. Water runs along internal structures and leads away from the entry point. This means the stains won’t always show up underneath the leak. Calling a roofer to find and fix the leak should be done straight away.

Remember, if you neglect a leaking roof water can get inside your roof and can cause major damage.

Absent Gutter Apron

When it rains, water flows off your roof but not all of it drips straight into the gutter. Some of it runs along the underside of the shingles toward the roofing fascia. A gutter apron is there to stop the water.

If the gutter apron on your roof is missing, the water will get into the fascia and roof sheathing. You’ll know the apron is missing by the emergence of water stains below the gutter.

Sagging Roof

Less frequent than most common roof repairs, a sagging roof needs a roofer urgently. A sagging roof is a sign of the internal structure of the roof that has been compromised and is weakening. The most likely cause would be moisture from a leak left unrepaired. Over time, moisture in the room structure seeps into the roofing timbers and causes them to swell up and weaken.

Increase In Cooling Costs

When your HVAC just isn’t keeping you cool, but there’s nothing wrong with it, it could point to a problem with your roof. You’ll probably feel it in your pocket as your cooling costs climb. Having your roof checked out by an Aabco Roofing contractor may be the best way of solving this problem as an increase in cooling costs is a clear sign of trouble in the rafters.

Shingle Roof Warning Signs

Shingle roofs are quick to let you know that problems are on the horizon.

Here are some typical shingle problems that your roof might start showing:

  • Patchy Roof Syndrome

    If you notice darker patches or areas that look dirty, that is likely caused by granules falling off the shingles. Shedding shingles is a sign that they’re getting old and need to be replaced. Definitely call a roofer.

  • Wavy Shingles

    If you notice your shingles looking odd, you should pay attention. We get wrinkly, shingles get crinkly as they age. When they start to look wavy instead of flat, it’s time to call your Aabco roofing professional to fix them.

  • Shedding Shingles

    Have you noticed sand-like granules in your driveway? And we’re not talking about from the beach. Sand granules in your driveway is a clear warning cry from your shingles that they’re reaching the end of their useful life. The granules on shingles are the protective layer that keeps your house watertight. When they start coming off, it’s time to have them replaced.

  • Lifting Shingles

    Shingles that pop up and expose the nail heads are easy to spot from a distance. When shingles get to this stage, they’ll need to be replaced by a professional roofer.

Roof Rescue: Top Roofers in Pompano Beach

If your roof is showing any of the signs described here, it’s time to call in the pros. The roofers from Aabco know what your roof is trying to say and have years of experience to find and deal with your issue efficiently. You can trust an Aabco roofer to give you sound advice based on many years in the business.

Don’t let your roof problems go unattended. Call us today at 1-954-426-8500.

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